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peter wavell

Sep 15, 2012


I don't like resorting to swearing, but I fear, that unless some one resort to it, the people that organising this course refuse to heed the justified criticism of the ineptitude exhibited in actual laxity, in inventing words such adpertinere, which contains not "ad', and repetition of words already assimilated, over and over. Pull your ff- ing finger out and correct these time wasters, that prevent the student from making progress, because some one is too lazy to bother, or a moron that does not, in fact, know what he or she is doing. Next time the swear words will be unexpurgated, and considerably more expletives will come spewing out, to merit the expression of discontent. If you can't be bothered, then stop the whole course, since you obviously don't give a damn. Let some one who knows what they're doing replace the blatant incompetence, then I won't be forced to stop what I'm supposed to be doing, in order to write these comments.

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