人的特徵一 - Human Characteristics 1

怎麼描述在您附近的人. How to describe people around you



人體結構 - Human Body Parts

身體是靈魂的容器。學習有關腿、胳膊和耳朵. Body is the container for the soul. Learn about legs, arms and ears



健康, 醫學, 衛生學 - Health, Medicine, Hygiene

怎麼告訴醫生關於您的頭疼. How to tell doctor about your headache


動物 - Animals

貓和狗,鳥和魚,全部關於動物. Cats and dogs. Birds and fish. All about animals







問候, 請求, 歡迎, 告別 - Greetings, Requests, Welcomes, Farewells

會與人交往. Know how to socialize with people


地理: 國家, 城市... - Geography: Countries, Cities...

知道您居住的世界. Know the world where you live


城市, 街道, 運輸 - City, Streets, Transportation

在一個大城市,小心不要走錯路。學習怎麼問路到歌劇院. Do not get lost in a big city. Ask how you can get to the opera house


大廈, 團體 - Buildings, Organizations

教會, 劇院, 火車站, 商店. Churches, theatres, train stations, stores


天氣 - Weather

其實沒有惡劣的天氣, 每種天氣都是好天氣. There is no bad weather, all weather is fine.


娛樂, 藝術, 音樂 - Entertainment, Art, Music

沒有藝術的生活跟空殼沒什麼差別. What would be our life without art? An empty shell


宗教, 政治, 軍事, 科學 - Religion, Politics, Military, Science

不要錯過我們最嚴肅的課題! 培養愛而不是戰爭!. Do not miss our most serious lesson of all! Make love not war!


家庭 - Family

母親, 父親, 親戚。家庭是生活中最重要的部分. Mother, father, relatives. Family is the most important thing in life


工作, 事務, 辦公室 - Work, Business, Office

不要太艱苦地工作。每個人都需要適當的休息。輕鬆的學習關於工作的生字吧!. Don`t work too hard. Have a rest, learn words about work


工具 - Tools

學習使用適當的清潔, 修理,和園藝工具. Know what you should use for cleaning, repair, gardening


感覺, 感官 - Feelings, Senses

所有關於愛、怨恨、氣味和接觸. All about love, hate, smell and touch



措施, 測量 - Measures, Measurements

您喜歡英寸或厘米嗎? 您是使用公尺的嗎?. Do you prefer inches or centimeters? Are you metric yet?


教育一 - Education 1

所有關於學校, 學院, 大學. All about school, college, university


教育二 - Education 2

我們著名的關於教育過程的課程的第二部分. Part 2 of our famous lesson about educational processes


數字 - Numbers

一, 二, 三... 千萬, 億萬. One, two, three… Millions, billions


時間一 - Time 1

時間滴答作響! 沒有拖延的時間! 現在開始學習時間在國際互聯網的Polyglot!. Time is ticking! No time for lingering! Learn about time with Internet Polyglot now!


時間二 - Time 2

不要浪廢您的時間! 學習新生字. Don`t waste your time! Learn new words



植物 - Plants

學習圍繞我們的自然奇蹟。全部關於植物: 樹, 花, 灌木. Learn about natural wonders surrounding us. All about plants: trees, flowers, bushes


汽車 - Car

您是不是在外國及想要租用汽車呢? 您必須知道輪盤在何處. Are you in a foreign country and want to rent a car? You have to know where it has its steering wheel


生活, 年齡 - Life, Age

生命是短暫的。學習所有關於從誕生到死亡的每一個階段. Life is short. Learn all about its stages from birth to death


穿衣一 - Clothing 1

關於您所有流行時尚和保暖的服裝. All about what you put on in order to look nice and stay warm



自然 - Nature

保存自然. Preserve nature, your mother!


行業 - Profession

現今一個好行業是非常重要的。一個專家可以沒有外語知識嗎? 幾乎不可能的!. It is very important to have a good profession nowadays. Can you be a professional without knowledge of foreign languages? Hardly!


運動, 方向 - Movement, Directions

慢慢地移動, 安全地駕駛. Move slowly, drive safely.


金錢, 購物 - Money, Shopping

不要錯過這個課題。學習怎樣計算金錢單位. Do not miss this lesson. Learn how to count money


顏色 - Colors

所有關於紅色、白色和藍色. All about red, white and blue


食物, 餐廳, 廚房一 - Food, Restaurants, Kitchen 1

美味的課題。關於您所有喜愛的食品. Yummy lesson. All about your favorite, delicious, little cravings


食物,餐廳, 廚房二 - Food, Restaurants, Kitchen 2

更多美味的課題哦. Part two of yummy lesson


體育, 比賽, 嗜好 - Sports, Games, Hobbies

娛樂一下。所有關於足球、棋和比賽彙集. Have some fun. All about soccer, chess and match collecting


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