Animals - እንስሳት

Cats and dogs. Birds and fish. All about animals. ስለሁሉ እንስሳት እንማር፤ ድመት፣ውሻ፣አሳ ወፍ


Buildings, Organizations - ሕንፃ

Churches, theatres, train stations, stores. ልዩ ልዩ ሕንፃዎች፤ ቤተክርስትያን፣ ሱቅ፣ መደብር


Car - መኪና

Are you in a foreign country and want to rent a car? You have to know where it has its steering wheel. በግር ከመሔድ በመኪና ሳይሻል አይቀርም


City, Streets, Transportation - ከተማ

Do not get lost in a big city. Ask how you can get to the opera house. ላለመጥፋት ከፈለጉ መንገዱን ይወቁ


Clothing 1 - ልብስ

All about what you put on in order to look nice and stay warm. አለባበስ ያሳምራል


Clothing 2 - ልብስ2

አይ አለባበስ!


Colors - ቀለም

All about red, white and blue. ቀለማ ቀለም፤ አረንጓዴ፣ ቢጫ፣ ቀይ


Education 1 - ትምህርት

All about school, college, university. ትምህርት ቤት፣ ዩኒቨርሲቲ፣ ኮሌጅ


Education 2 - ትምህርት2

Part 2 of our famous lesson about educational processes. ትምህርት ቤት፣ ዩኒቨርሲቲ፣ ኮሌጅ


Entertainment, Art, Music - ማዝናኛ

What would be our life without art? An empty shell. ሙዚቃ፣ ቅኔ፣ ኪነትበብና ሌሎች መዝናኛዎች


Family - ቤተሰብ

Mother, father, relatives. Family is the most important thing in life. እንደ በተሰብ ማን አለ?


Feelings, Senses - ስሜት

All about love, hate, smell and touch. ሰው ፍቅር ስሜት ጥላቻ


Food, Restaurants, Kitchen 1 - ምግብ

Yummy lesson. All about your favorite, delicious, little cravings. ቆንጆ ምግብ


Food, Restaurants, Kitchen 2 - ምግብ2

Part two of yummy lesson. ጣፋጭ ምግብ


Geography: Countries, Cities... - መልክአ ምድር

Know the world where you live. ከየት አገር ኖት?


Greetings, Requests, Welcomes, Farewells - ሰላምታ

Know how to socialize with people. የእግዚአብሔር ሰላምታ


Health, Medicine, Hygiene - ጤና

How to tell doctor about your headache. ዶክተር ያስፈልጎታል? መድሐኒት፣ጤና፣ንጽህና


House, Furniture, and Household Objects - ቤት

ቤትና የቤት ቁርሳ ቁርስ


Human Body Parts - አካል

Body is the container for the soul. Learn about legs, arms and ears. በሰውነታችን እንኩራ


Human Characteristics 1 - ጠባይ

How to describe people around you. የሰው ጠባይ ለመረዳት


Human Characteristics 2 - ጠባይ2

የሰው ጠባይ ለመረዳት


Life, Age - ሕይወት

Life is short. Learn all about its stages from birth to death. መቆየት ደጉ ብዙ አሳየን



Measures, Measurements - መጠን

Do you prefer inches or centimeters? Are you metric yet?. በምን መለካት ይመርጣሉ? ሜትር? ኪሎግራም?


Money, Shopping - ገንዘብ

Do not miss this lesson. Learn how to count money. ገንዘቦትን ይቆጥቡ


Movement, Directions - እንቅስቃሴ

Move slowly, drive safely.. ያልተገላበጠ ያራል!


Nature - ሥነ ፍጥረት

Preserve nature, your mother!. ዓለምን እንንከባከባት


Numbers - ቁጥር

One, two, three… Millions, billions. አንድ፣ ሁለት፣ ሶስት፣ ሚልዮን፣ ቢልዮን


People: Relatives, Friends, Enemies… - ሕዝብ

ዘመድ አዝማድ ጛደኛና ጠላት


Plants - ተክል

Learn about natural wonders surrounding us. All about plants: trees, flowers, bushes. ስለልዩ ልዩ አታክልት


Profession - ሞያ

It is very important to have a good profession nowadays. Can you be a professional without knowledge of foreign languages? Hardly!. ሙያ የሌለው ጦሙን ያድራል



Religion, Politics, Military, Science - ሃይማኖት

Do not miss our most serious lesson of all! Make love not war!. ስለቁም ነገር እናውራ፡ ሐይማኖት፣ ፖለቲካ፣ ሳይንስ


Sports, Games, Hobbies - ስፖርት

Have some fun. All about soccer, chess and match collecting. ለመዝናናትና ለጤና ስፖርት ያስፈልጋል


Time 1 - ጊዜ

Time is ticking! No time for lingering! Learn about time with Internet Polyglot now!. ሰዓቱ ደርሷል ቶሎ ተማሩ


Time 2 - ጊዜ2

Don`t waste your time! Learn new words. ጊዜዎን አያቃጥሉ


Tools - መሣሪያ

Know what you should use for cleaning, repair, gardening. ልዩ ልዩ መሣሪያዎች







Weather - አየር

There is no bad weather, all weather is fine.. የአየሩ ሁኔታ እንዴት ነው?


Work, Business, Office - ሥራ

Don`t work too hard. Have a rest, learn words about work. ምት አይነት ሥራ ይፈልጋሉ?


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