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The francophone World

French is a language that has descended from Latin, hence its main ethnic layer is similar to other Romanic languages such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and so forth. Above this Latin layer, French “suffered” from a lot of influences such as the native Celtic, from the Gauls, several other Germanic languages as well as ancient Greek. Each of these influences can be easily spotted today in either pronunciation, spelling or grammar, giving the French language a unique spot among the Romanic languages.

The term “Francophonie” refers to the entirety of the French Diaspora, spread amongst over 40 countries that have French as their official language. Besides France itself, the language is spoken in several European countries such as Belgium, Luxembourg or Switzerland, in Northern America throughout Canada as well as a number of countries in Africa, namely: Algeria, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Morocco, Congo, Niger, Senegal and several others. In all these countries French is either studied as the main language throughout the local educational system, or as a secondary, “official” language right next to the native tongue. “Learn French” courses are popular in organized institutions as well as privately.

3 reasons to start learning French

1. If your mother tongue has a Romanic or Anglo-Saxon origin, learning French is extremely easy, since it shares a lot of grammatical rules and structures as any of the above mentioned languages. Memorizing words will be made easy by the fact that a lot of French words are look-alikes to their English counterparts, so if you’re reading and understanding this, you should also have it easy when you’ll try to improve vocabulary in French.

2. If you don’t have time or money to take up on the various “Learn French” courses that take place all across the World, you can easily opt for taking free French lessons online. The Internet offers a lot of these free lessons in various forms from quiz tests that help you memorize words, vocabulary games that help improve vocabulary and increase your spelling skills or the more classic grammar courses.

3. French is one of today’s 6 international languages, so it is extremely important to know it or at least understand it if you’re in a work field that has the word “international” in it. Commerce, diplomacy, media and several other fields are strongly influenced by French, so taking a few free French lessons online can get you out of a lot of tight spots as well as impress the persons you’re dealing with.


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