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Tutorials > Quick Start: Play

Welcome to the Quick Start Tutorial!

Press Lessons on the Main Menu.

When you come to this site for the first time you will be presented with the "Select Languages" page; you will have to select a pair of lanugages that you want to play with:

Select Languages Learn French Learn English Learn Spanish

Find a link saying "Spanish (español) --> English" and click on it. You will see a list of publicly available Spanish/English lessons:

All Lessons Learn French Learn English Learn Spanish

Find a lesson named "Spanish -> English: demo" and click on it.

Please note:
  • At the time of you looking at this page there may be more publicly available lessons than at the time of writing this tutorial. If you have troubles finding the demo lesson, use the search box: type "demo" in it and press "Search" button.

Check the checkbox next to this lesson, make sure that the type of the game is "Matching Game" and press "Play" button:

Select Lesson Learn French Learn English Learn Spanish

Matching Game starts. You will see now a screen similar to this:

Matching Game Start Learn French Learn English Learn Spanish

Please note:
  • The list of words in the left and the right column may be different at the time of you playing because the program shuffles all the words so that they are presented in random order. Besides, the demo lesson can change.
  • Please notice the icon. This indicates the inline help: you can move you mouse over this icon or press on it and the program will display help information.
  • If you move mouse over the second column (in our demo the second column contains English translations for Spanish words), you will see that the mouse cursor changes. It indicates that you can you drag and drop on this column.

Using drag and drop on the second column place the right English translations next to their Spanish words:

Matching Game Arrange Translations

Now press "Submit" button. You will see something like this:

Matching Game Results

Oopsie! Only half of our translations are correct. They are marked by a checkmark and surrounded by a green border. Incorrect answers are indicated by an icon with exclamation mark and are inside a red border. Move your mouse over one of the incorrect answers and you will see a pop-up message with correct answer:

Matching Game Correct Translations

You can see now that "cisne" in Spanish is not a pig, it's something much more beautiful and noble: it's a swan.

Now that you gave a long look at your answers and know what were your mistakes, press the "Continue" button and you will be presented with the next round of Matching Game. Continue playing until you know all Spanish words in this lesson by heart.

Congratulations! You have completed the first part of the tutorial.

Next: why register?

Now, after playing with the demo lesson, you know some of animals in Spanish. This is so few! You know that there are much more Spanish words to learn. And you want to do it at your own pace, you don't want to use anybody's lessons, you want to create your own lessons consisting of the words that you don't know.

Another benefit of registering is that the program remembers the results for each game and shows the words that you know worse more often than the words that you know better.

For that you will have to Register at this site (it's free) and start creating your own lessons. Lesson management (creation, modification, entering words and translations, sharing with public or with your friends, grading lessons created by other people, etc.) is described in the next part of this tutorial Create Your Lesson.