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Tutorials > Create Your Lesson

Now that you know how to play with lessons created by somebody else, let's learn how to create your own lessons. We will use a technique called "active reading" for illustrating this process.

What is "active reading"? This is the process of reading a book or a text and constant looking up a dictionary for unknown words. The meanings of these words should be thoroughly learned and reliably memorized.

Ready? Here we go. Lets use a fine piece of classic literature: Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. As you may have guessed already, we will learn French today. Here is the horrifying beginning of the book:

Le Petit Prince Learn French Learn English Learn Spanish

Let's imagine for a minute that we know already some French and don't know only a couple of words on this page. We underlined them on this picture.

Now let's go to our program and click on My Lessons link. Please note that you have to be a registered user and log in the program in order to do that. Press "Add" button.

Add My Lesson Learn French Learn English Learn Spanish

You see now an empty "Lesson Information" page. Let's fill it so that it looks like this:

Lesson Content Learn French Learn English Learn Spanish

Please note, that it is very important to properly set the word and translation languages because the program will use it for your benefit. Now press "Save" button. We see now an empty list of word translations and the "Add" buttons.

Add Word Translation Learn French Learn English Learn Spanish

You see now the "Word Translation Information" page. Enter the first unknown word from our example and its translation (you can find it in any French-English dictionary) so that the page look like this:

Word Translation Learn French Learn English Learn Spanish

Press "Save and Add Another" button. Repeat this operation for all other new words. After you enter the last word press "Cancel" button and you will see the lesson information page with the list of word translations.

Word Translation List Learn French Learn English Learn Spanish

Please notice that the words can be entered multiple times. This is how it is recommended to deal with multiple meanings and synonyms.

Congratulations! You have just finished creating your first lesson! Now you can press My Lessons link to return to the list of lessons, select your lesson and start memorizing your new words the way you did it in the "Quick Start: Play" tutorial.

Play Lesson Learn French Learn English Learn Spanish

Of course it is not too much fun to play with just a dozen words. But don't forget: while you read your book your lesson grows and the number of lessons increases. For you game you can always select multiple lessons (just check more that one lesson in the lesson list) so the number of words will be much higher.