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Lessons: Latin - English

Latin: The Root of Civilization
  Actiones Variae I - Various Verbs 1

  Actiones Variae II - Various Verbs 2
  Adposita Varia - Various Adjectives
  Adverbia Varia I - Various Adverbs 1
  Adverbia Varia II - Various Adverbs 2
  Aedificia, Constitutiones - Buildings, Organizations
  (Churches, theatres, train stations, stores)

  Animalia - Animals
  (Cats and dogs. Birds and fish. All about animals)

  Articuli Corporis - Human Body Parts
  (Body is the container for the soul. Learn about legs, arms and ears)

  Autoraeda - Car
  (Are you in a foreign country and want to rent a car? You have to know where it has its steering wheel)

  Cibus, Bracinae, Culina I - Food, Restaurants, Kitchen 1
  (Yummy lesson. All about your favorite, delicious, little cravings)

  Cibus, Bracinae, Culina II - Food, Restaurants, Kitchen 2
  (Part two of yummy lesson)

  Color - Colors
  (All about red, white and blue)

  Conjugationes, Praepositiones - Pronouns, Conjunctions, Prepositions
  Dimensiones - Measures, Measurements
  (Do you prefer inches or centimeters? Are you metric yet?)

  Disciplina I - Education 1
  (All about school, college, university)

  Disciplina II - Education 2
  (Part 2 of our famous lesson about educational processes)

  Domus, Supellex, Rei Aedificii - House, Furniture, and Household Objects
  Familia - Family
  (Mother, father, relatives. Family is the most important thing in life)

  Geographia: Nationes, Urbes… - Geography: Countries, Cities...
  (Know the world where you live)

  Herba, Planta - Plants
  (Learn about natural wonders surrounding us. All about plants: trees, flowers, bushes)

  Homines: Propinqui, Amici, Hostes… - People: Relatives, Friends, Enemies…
  Instrumenta - Tools
  (Know what you should use for cleaning, repair, gardening)

  Labor, Negotitatio, - Work, Business, Office
  (Don`t work too hard. Have a rest, learn words about work)

  Ludi, Ars, Musica - Entertainment, Art, Music
  (What would be our life without art? An empty shell)

  Ludi, Requies - Sports, Games, Hobbies
  (Have some fun. All about soccer, chess and match collecting)

  Materia - Materials, Substances, Objects, Tools
  Motus, Cursus - Movement, Directions
  (Move slowly, drive safely)

  Natura - Nature
  (Preserve nature, your mother!)

  Naturales Humani I - Human Characteristics 1
  (How to describe people around you)

  Naturales Humani II - Human Characteristics 2
  Numeri - Numbers
  (One, two, three… Millions, billions)

  Pecunia, Obsonare - Money, Shopping
  (Do not miss this lesson. Learn how to count money)

  Professio - Profession
  (It is very important to have a good profession nowadays. Can you be a professional without knowledge of foreign languages? Hardly!)

  Religio, Civilitas, Exercitus, Scientia - Religion, Politics, Military, Science
  (Do not miss our most serious lesson of all! Make love not war!)

  Salus, Medicina, Hygiena - Health, Medicine, Hygiene
  (How to tell doctor about your headache)

  Sensus - Feelings, Senses
  (All about love, hate, smell and touch)

  Tempestus - Weather
  (There is no bad weather, all weather is fine)

  Tempus I - Time 1
  (Time is ticking! No time for lingering! Learn about time with Internet Polyglot now!)

  Tempus II - Time 2
  (Don`t waste your time! Learn new words)

  Urbs, Viae, Vehicula - City, Streets, Transportation
  (Do not get lost in a big city. Ask how you can get to the opera house)

  Vestes I - Clothing 1
  (All about what you put on in order to look nice and stay warm)

  Vestes II - Clothing 2
  Vita, Aevus - Life, Age
  (Life is short. Learn all about its stages from birth to death)

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